Measuring for an X-Back Harness

When measuring your dog for a harness there are a few points on the dog that are used.

This point is the top of the breastbone. You can usually feel the breastbone protrude from the rest of the chest.
Chest Location

The next point is the withers which is the spot between the shoulder blades like this:

The third point is the base of the tail. Lift your dog’s tail up to find this point.

The forth point is the point along the harness where the ribs end.

Diagram of all points (click to see a larger image):
Measuring Points


  • Measure the body of the dog, not the fur.
  • Make sure the dog is standing straight.
A to B Neck
B to C Top of breastbone, under the dog’s armpit
around to the base of the tail.
B to D Top of breastbone, under the dog’s armpit
to the last rib.
A to C Withers to base of tail.
A to D Withers to last rib.

Point E is used for weight pulling harnesses.